Key benefits of membership of
the world federation of great towers

The World Federation of Great Towers (WFGT) was founded in 1989 and now has more than 50 international members. It exists to showcase the great towers of the world, celebrating their astonishing feats of architecture and engineering. Each tower is a top global destination with its own observation or viewing deck. The Federation also exists to help develop local and international opportunities for its member towers to promote themselves and to encourage networking, idea sharing and fruitful partnerships. In isolation, each tower is monumental. Together as an association, they stand even taller.

Professional networking and support

Professional networking and support:

Develop new skills, grow fruitful business relationships, consult and collaborate with other experts in your field.

Promotional opportunities and partnerships

Promotional opportunities and partnerships:

With more than 40 million visitors to member towers each year, we have considerable negotiating power. All of our members benefit.

Communication and education


The Federation carries out PR initiatives to promote its members, distributes regular industry updates, and offer towers international exposure through the website.

Community, environmental and charitable collaborations

Community, environmental and charitable collaborations:

Federation members have collaborated internationally on environmental, community outreach and charity programs. Our global reach means these initiatives receive significant attention.

Annual Conference

Annual Conference:

This annual event is free to all members, and features guest experts in topical areas of interest as well as presentations from our members.

Privileged access to revenue generating ideas

Privileged access to revenue generating ideas:

In our collaborative, non-competitive environment, members share such ideas and strategies freely to the benefit of all.

VIP Passes

VIP Passes:

These coveted cards—100 per tower per year—entitle the holder to free admission to all member towers.



We celebrate all that is great and astonishing about our incredible member towers; it’s a wonderful opportunity for networking. If you’d like to know more about the Federation’s benefits, download the membership pack here.

You Can Be A Member Of
The World Federation of Great Towers If

  • The structure
    is a tower

  • It is a notable

  • It has an
    observation or
    viewing deck open
    to the public

  • Each tower must have unique attributes, for example their height, historical significance or special features

Our commitment to our members

WFGT has an unyielding commitment to the following membership objectives:

The exchange of ideas and information to improve management and international promotion.
The sharing of technical information about the construction of the towers.
The international promotion of events which generate enjoyment and culture exchange, using towers as a focus.

Our Members’
commitment to us

The World Federation of Great Towers meets annually to decide on the following year’s activities and formulate a marketing plan for the year. Members must attend the annual meeting at least once every three years. Membership of the Federation is by annual subscription as follows:


0 - 500,000 visitors $2,500USD
500,000 - 1 Million visitors
1,000,001 – 2 million visitors
2,000,001+ visitors

If you would like to join the World Federation of Great Towers

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